The Transformers:TFormers recently got to sit down with producer Don Murphy to probe for question about the upcoming big screen adaptation of the 1980's toy line, The Transformers...

TFormers: Will the movie include/feature any major celebrities?

Don: Don’t know - Tom Desanto thinks it should. Too early to tell.

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TFormers: What known actors/actresses would you like to see in the movie?

Don: I just want good ones whether known or not.

TFormers: The Transformers: Alternators line has many auto licenses secured for the TF brand. Are these same licenses being explored for the movie, and if so, could we expect to see some of the Alternator designs in the movie. As you have previously stated auto licenses are being explored for alt. modes?


TFormers: What role does Takara have, if any, in the development of the movie?

Don: None. They don’t own the thing anymore - Hasbro controls everything I believe.

TFormers: Will there be any elements that appeal specifically to young children (10 and under)?

Don: No. I always believe you get the 14-16 Star Wars audience (the good films) and you get everybody.

TFormers: Is there one character in particular you are looking forward to exploring on the big screen?

Don: Optimus Prime of course.

TFormers: What character do you think would hold the greatest on-screen presence?

Don: Bumblebee.

TFormers: Most adult fans are driven by their desire to collect the toys. Have you had any experience with them? If so, what's your two cents on Transforming toys and the collectors?

Don: Actually, I mostly like the shows and the cartoons.

TFormers: Will the location(s) be specific to any region on the world or US?

Don: American Southwest.

TFormers: Is there a possibility that Cybertron will be seen at some point?

Don: Yes.

TFormers: You mentioned a while back that there will be "core" members of each side of the conflict ... how has that progressed?

Don: Very well indeed.

TFormers: Are there any characters that you wanted to include, but could not? N. Any characters that may be unexpected, but that you think will bring a "wow" reaction from the viewer?

Don: That would be telling.

TFormers: Will there be exploration of the Transformers origins in movie.

Don: Yes.

TFormers: How detailed do you think that will be?

Don: Enough detail.

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