Producer Grant Curtis has updated the official Spider-man 3 blog over at where he talks about the new "making of" book he's working on for the film as well as the current status of the visual effects on the film.

The book, which will be published by the good people at Chronicle Books and available in bookstores prior to May 4, 2007, is a comprehensive account of all that we went through to bring Spider-Man 3 to the silver screen. It will contain chapters on the script, casting, production design, costume design and visual effects and will include a day-by-day journal I wrote while filming. Additionally, it will feature my behind the scenes photographs, which I began taking the very first day we started working on the film, on-set photography, pictures taken from various crew members and conceptual art that will blow you away. I am very excited to be writing this book, and am pleased that the reader will have a front row seat for the making of this movie, just as I have.

On the movie front, Sam and Bob are editing on a daily basis and we continue to meet with visual effects supervisor Scott Stokdyk and his team from Sony Pictures Imageworks to go over the latest visual effects shots. Additionally, a couple weeks ago Scott was quite busy overseeing a miniature shoot we did with Ian Hunter and David Sanger of New Deal Studios. Ian, David and their talented team built a portion of a skyscraper at 1/16 scale and then proceeded to rip portions of it apart per the action taking place in Sam's storyboards and animatic.

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