Producer Kathleen Kennedy recently gave some new insight on the progress of the proposed continuation of the Indiana Jones saga, Indiana Jones 4.

"We're working on a screenplay," says Kennedy, long-time producing partner of Steven Spielberg. "I know this sounds like something that we've been saying for 15 years, but I'm hoping that we're going to see something in a couple of months. Jeff Nathanson is working on the script right now… I will say this: If it comes in and we're all happy with it, it will be more than likely the next thing we do." RELATED: Is Indiana Jones 5 Setting Up Phoebe Waller-Bridge to Replace Harrison Ford?

Kennedy acknowledges that previous reports of Nathanson's script being "approved" by Indy producer George Lucas and director Spielberg were true, but that doesn't quite mean what it sounds like it does.

"It's one thing to approve something, it's another thing to say it's greenlit and we're shooting it. So we're just in that sort of phase of finessing," she says, before responding to a question about whether or not star Harrison Ford is too old for the part these days. "No, I don't think so. Certainly we're not writing the script as though he's 20 years old. You know, Sean Connery spent a lot of time in the Bond role and whatnot. I think it's great that we can go make another Indiana Jones movie and Indy can be a little older. I think playing with that is a good thing."

So it'll take place in the '50s then?

"Ahhhh, yeah. The late '40s."

And who are the bad guys going to be?

"I'm not going to tell you the story!" she laughs. "What do you think, I'm nuts?! You'll be here next year and ask me if I'm working on the Indy movie. ‘No, I got fired!'"

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