Producer Robert Tapert, who, like Spider-man director Sam Raimi, and cult superstar Bruce Campbell, launched their career with the cult classic The Evil Dead, recently sat down for an interview with SciFi Wire to discuss the plans for the remake...

"It took a long time to get to the point where we wanted to remake it," Tapert said in an interview. "The funny thing is, nothing is as you would expect. Our original investors and I think [original Evil Dead star] Bruce [Campbell] and myself were more resistant to remaking the movie than Sam."

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Tapert said that Raimi (Spider-Man) initiated discussions about remaking Evil Dead, which has spawned hordes of fans since its initial release. "Sam, in his own special way, kind of led that charge," Tapert said. "I think Sam was really the one who said, 'Gee, I would love to give a new filmmaker an opportunity to use that title and use their skills to retell this in a new way for a new audience.' I talk to Bruce Campbell every other day, and he says, 'You should see the message boards and all of the stuff I get saying "Please don't do it!"' So we're certainly going to have to tread carefully."

Tapert said that he is confident that with Raimi and himself on board as producers, the remake will live up to fans' expectations. "As long as we stay true to what was the original model of the first Evil Dead, which was that we want to hurt and punish the audience, then those who love it will be satisfied," Tapert said. "We mean to bring that out to a whole new generation in something that honors all of the people that loved it and yet gives them a new and thrilling ride that they weren't expecting. That's the challenge, and hopefully if we succeed that's kind of the glory."