Production has begun in Los Angeles on Carpoolers using the carpool as a commuter confessional and starring Fred Goss (Sons and Daughters), Faith Ford (ABC's Hope & Faith), Jerry O'Connell Crossing Jordan), Jerry Minor (Mr. Show with Bob and David), Tim Peper, Allison Munn (That '70s Show) and comedian T.J. Miller. In the carpool lane, no one can hear you scream. Carpoolers premieres TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2 (8:30-9:00 p.m, ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Meet Gracen (Fred Goss), a professional mediator and the voice of reason in the group. His wife, Leila (Faith Ford), has lucrative career as a "house flipper" that undermines Gracen's fragile ego, and his son, Marmaduke (T.J. Miller), is a deadbeat who secretly hatches get rich quick schemes. Then there's Laird (Jerry O'Connell), a womanizing dentist with a recent divorce; self-sacrificing Aubrey (Jerry Minor), father to a brood of kids and husband to a couch potato wife, which forces him to wear the oven mitts in the family; and Dougie (Tim Peper), a newlywed and the new guy still trying to fit in with this tight guy group, whose wife, Cindy (Allison Munn) is a perky muffin-making charmer.

Carpoolers stars Fred Goss as Gracen, Faith Ford as Leila, Jerry O'Connell as Laird, Jerry Minor as Aubrey, Tim Peper as Dougie, Allison Munn as Cindy and T.J. Miller as Marmaduke.

Bruce McCulloch (The Kids in the Hall) is creator and executive producer. Marsh McCall (Just Shoot Me!), Anthony and Joe Russo (Arrested Development), (You, Me and Dupree), Justin Falvey (Las Vegas), Darryl Frank (Las Vegas) and David Miner (30 Rock) also serve as executive producers.

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