STEREO VISION ENTERTAINMENT INC. announced today that they have joined forces with Adirondack International Pictures, Inc. (AIP) to produce Horrorween 3-D. Horrorween ( has a fully funded production budget of $10,000,000.00 (source: Approximately $1,000,000.00 has been spent to-date on pre-production. The deal calls for Stereo Vision to provide its 3-D film production team, and be the lead theatrical 3-D distributor. Stereo Vision's principal partner Baywatch co-creator Doug Schwartz, has been appointed Executive Producer. Stereo Vision is to receive 50% of the net earnings of Horrorween 3-D.

Stereo Vision's Chief Executive Officer, Jack Honour, stated, "We're thrilled to join Ed Meyer and his Horrorween crew including Horrorween's Director, Industry veteran Joe Estevez, and Horrorween's star, Chuck Lamb, the famous "Dead Body Guy", ( for the metamorphosis of AIP's unique and innovative feature film Horrorween, into the soon-to-be cult classic Horrorween 3-D. With 3-D feature films being all the "Buzz" and getting recognition at the Industry's highest levels, the timing of Horrorween 3-D couldn't be better for the Stereo Vision shareholders."