Lensing began this week in Spokane, Washington on the family comedy feature Diamond Dog, being directed and produced by Emmy-winning and DGA Award-nominated Mark Stouffer. The film stars French Stewart (Clockstoppers) as the boss of a bumbling band of jewel thieves, with Kevin Farley (The Waterboy) and Kelly Perine (One on One) as his sidekick thugs. The thieves have pulled off a $5 million jewel heist and are in town to make their connection, when a 12 year old boy -- played by Luke Benward (How To Eat Fried Worms) -- rescues a dog from them after they threaten it. Unbeknownst to the boy, the dog is the mule they used to smuggle the jewels, and the thieves will do anything to get it back. The boy takes the dog, which he names Diamond, to his secret fort in the woods and prepares for battle. When the thieves come after him, the ingenious traps he's devised wreak havoc.

Other key roles are played by John Farley (Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star) as the boy's father, Brittany Curran (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) as his sister, Garrett Morris (Saturday Night Live) as the Sheriff, and Cameron Monaghan (Click) as the neighborhood bully. Casting Director is Harriet Greenspan.

The feature was fully financed via private investors, and is part of the continuing slate of low budget, commercial feature films being developed and produced by Mark Stouffer.

The screenplay was written by Mark Stouffer and Dennis S. Johnson. Executive Producers are Jay Sedrish and Mark Litwak. Mark Litwak also acts as Producers Rep. Co-producers are Richard Cowan and Wendy Winks.