Sublime (working title), the second release in the "Raw Feed" series of original direct-to-DVD films, about a routine surgery gone terribly wrong, began principal photography last week in the Los Angeles area. Produced by Raw Feed Productions in conjunction with Warner Bros., Sublime is slated for release in 2007 and will be distributed by Warner Home Video.

Sublime is directed and produced by Tony Krantz, executive producer of "24," from a screenplay by Co-Producer Erik Jendresen (HBO's "Band of Brothers" and the upcoming films The Hot Zone, Aloft). John Shiban, (Rest Stop, "Supernatural") and Daniel Myrick (The Blair Witch Project) are also producers.

Sublime's talented and diverse cast features Tom Cavanagh ("Love Monkey," "Ed"), Oscar® nominated Kathleen York (Crash, Original Song) Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs ("That's So Raven," "Welcome Back, Kotter") and Katherine Cunningham-Eves (The Passage of Mrs. Calabesh). The film also features edgy performances from David Clayton Rogers, Shanna Collins, Kyle Gallner, Cas Anvar, Bruce Nozick, Dan Gerrity, John Rubinstein, Joe Manganiello, Paget Brewster, Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter, Carolyn Hennesy, Michelle Page, George Newbern, Susan Santiago and Sujata Ray.

The filmmakers have assembled a top production team for Sublime, including director of photography Dermott Downs ("CSI: NY"), production designer Peter Hampton (Into The Sun, Torque, Shanghai Noon) and special effects make-up artist Dean Jones (Pirates of the Carribean: World's End and Dead Man's Chest, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine").

Admitted to a hospital for a routine, minimally invasive procedure, George Grieves (Cavanagh) discovers that his circumstances are much more serious and complicated than originally expected. Trapped in the increasingly bizarre and dangerous world of the eerie hospital, George tries to maintain his sanity while uncovering the truth behind the growing number of medical misdeeds happening within the institution's East Ward. As his own fears begin to manifest all around him, he learns that this is not a hospital where people come to get better... this is a hospital where people come to die.

Films under the "Raw Feed" banner are a mix of thriller, horror, and sci-fi with a strong psychological and dramatic edge, and are as much psychological as they are thriller or horror genre. The films will be released on DVD in rated and unrated versions, and will overflow with innovative extra features and bonus content. The "Raw Feed" label originated from the creative minds of

Tony Krantz, Daniel Myrick and John Shiban. The first film in the series is Rest Stop, written and directed by Shiban, which will debut on DVD in October 2006. The third film will be directed by Myrick and is slated for release in 2007.