Production on one of Fox Atomic's remake of the 1984 cult classic Revenge of the Nerds -- has been shut down after Emory University in Atlanta, where more than a third of the film was to be shot, backed out of its agreement to allow Fox to film on campus. It's believed that Emory officials ultimately balked at the raunchy nature of the project, according to Variety.

Fox was alerted to the issue four days before the shoot was planned to start on Oct. 9. After attempting to shoot at other colleges in Atlanta, the decision was made to call it quits and figure out a new plan.

Production is now officially on hiatus, with the clock ticking, considering that winter (and snow) is approaching, and much of the film is set outdoors in autumn, back-to-school weather.

A Fox Atomic rep said that Fox was still hoping to release the film in August and that all of the cast and crew -- presently being flown back from Atlanta -- remain intact.