Frank Marshall recently told MTV that his upcoming Lance Armstong biopic has already started filming.

"I was there, and we shot on the last day of his seventh win last summer in Paris," the 59-year-old Marshall, who produced the Back to the Future and "Bourne" movies and directed "Alive" and the upcoming Eight Below, revealed over the weekend. "We had six cameras going; it was incredibly exciting."

Matt Damon stars as the seven-time Tour de France champion.

The film will be Marshall's next directorial effort, and he intends to utilize the real-life footage for a "What's Love Got to Do with It"-inspired finish that will fade out on Matt Damon's portrayal of Armstrong's early days and then fade in on the real deal. "You've got it," he said of the comparison to the 1993 Tina Turner biopic. "We're going to have the real Lance in the end titles, in his last race."