Scavenger Hunt: A reader over at Dark Horizons recently spoke to Cabin Fever director Eli Roth about his upcoming project, Scavenger Hunt, which he's writing and directing...

"It's going to be a balls out old school hard R teen sex comedy based on true events at my high school about a whole class of overachiever supersmart kids who went crazy and trashed the town (and each other) doing a Scavenger Hunt. What started out as "The Cannonball Run" quickly devolved into "Caligula," with kids impromptu orgies breaking out in front of the judges, girls drinking shots of cum, kids publicly excreting for points, and massive destruction of property.

The 200 kids who did this are all going to Ivy League colleges like Harvard and Yale, and are under so much pressure all the time they just snapped and went berserk. The goal is to make the most twisted, over the top, teen sex comedy that will push the boundaries of good taste as far as the censors will allow - all based on what really happened".

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.