Jim Profit, one of the most ruthless protagonists to appear on a network series, finally makes his debut on DVD. PROFIT The Complete Series for the first time ever on DVD August 9th courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment. The pre-book date is July 12. The cult hit originally aired on Fox in 1996. The series received glowing reviews from critics, but due to the controversial premise of the show, it was pulled after only three episodes were shown, including the two hour pilot. Now for the first time ever PROFIT The Complete Series will be available, including the final four episodes that were never aired in North America.

The DVD set will feature Greed Kills – a brand-new featurette including interviews with the entire cast. Additional features include audio commentary with Creators David Greenwalt and John McNamara, audio commentary with star Adrian Pasdar and interviews with stars Lisa Zane and Lisa Blount. PROFIT The Complete series contain an eight page behind-the-scenes booklet that documents the controversial details of the series cancellation.

The edgy series PROFIT stars Adrian Pasdar (Near Dark, "Judging Amy") as Jim Profit, as well as Lisa Zane ("ER"), Keith Szarabajk, Lisa Blount and Lisa Darr. Pasdar received rave reviews for his portrayal of Jim Profit. The New York Daily News described him as delivering "a totally committed, even dangerous performance." The show is from prolific Producer Stephen J. Cannell ("21 Jump Street) and Creators David Greenwalt ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel") and John McNamara ("Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"). This team created a daring series that was ahead of its time. New York Newsday called PROFIT "deliciously evil and amazing…an incredible achievement in unorthodox television!"

PROFIT'S dark premise ignited controversy, as many viewers were shocked by Jim Profit's cold-blooded demeanor. New York Daily News explains "Profit may well be the most unremittingly evil character ever to serve as the protagonist and principal voice of a network TV series." Profit was raised by an abusive and sadistic father in horrendous conditions. Imprisoned naked in a windowless room, with a cardboard box for a bed, his only connection to the world was TV. After his father's mysterious death, Profit was set free. He manically pursued education and corporate success, working his way up the ladder using any means necessary, including blackmail and murder. He pursued wealth and power with a vengeance, ultimately taking over Gracen and Gracen, the same multi-billion dollar company that produced the cardboard box that his father confined him to. Danger and intrigue eventually unfold, as company executives begin to challenge Profit.

PROFIT The Complete Series will be released as a three disc set which includes all seven episodes as well as the two hour pilot. The series has a cult following waiting for its debut on DVD. Anchor Bay Entertainment will support the release with an extensive viral marketing campaign.

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