In theaters next weekend, Project Almanac finds a group of high school nerds discovering time travel, and using it for their own advancement in the world. Of course this goes horribly wrong, evoking fond memories of the Ashton Kutcher cult classic The Butterfly Effect. But how did they get to the point where they've ruined their lives, and the world has begun to spin off its axis? Paramount has unlocked two new clips, which help set up this sci-fi adventure that dares meddle with the space time continuum.

Project Almanac is a "found footage" sci-fi thriller that explores what happens when a group of teenagers discover they have the ability to travel in time. This team of geeks quickly find themselves in over their heads. The predestination paradox sets off a chain of events that will be hard to fix, if not impossible. Is it too late to mend everything they've undone? Or will they all die in the process?

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The first clip kicks off this cautionary tale, with Todd discovering his present self in a home video of his 10th birthday party, where he has captured his own image in a mirror. He excitedly shows off this profound and shocking revelation to his friends Adam and Quinn, who can't quite believe what they're seeing. Did they just invent time travel? That gets quickly answered by the second clip, where Todd convinces his friends to 'step in' to their newly created 'time machine' and travel to the past. The biggest question asked by these two scenes is: Who is holding the 'found footage' camera, and how do they jump from edit to edit so quickly? Hopefully that gets answered in theaters on January 30. Take a look: