The low-budget high school comedy Project X performed above expectations at the box office last weekend, taking second place with an impressive $21 million. Warner Bros. is wasting no time by moving forward with a sequel, hiring scribe Michael Bacall to write a treatment for the follow-up.

Project X centers on three social outcasts (Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown), who decide to throw a party to get in the good graces with the popular crowd at their high school, when things go wildly out of control. It isn't known if Warner Bros. has deals in place with the actors to return for a sequel. Oliver Cooper and Jonathan Daniel Brown made their feature debuts in Project X, and Thomas Mann had only appeared in It's Kind of a Funny Story before Project X.

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It is said that the sequel hinges on how much producers Todd Phillips and Joel Silver respond to Michael Bacall's treatment. It also isn't known if Nima Nourizadeh would come back to direct the follow-up.