Director Ridley Scott is currently in production on his sci-fi thriller Prometheus, which is working towards a June 8, 2012 release date. The filmmaker recently revealed Prometheus evolves into a movie similar to his 1979 classic, Alien, in its final moments. Here's an excerpt from a recent interview.

"The last eight minutes of the Prometheus story evolve into 'a pretty good DNA of the Alien one.'
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The director also explained his lengthy absence from the sci-fi genre, saying he just never found the right screenplay to work with before Prometheus.

"I think the reason why I haven't attempted science fiction in a number of years is because I haven't really come across a script that I really liked. This developed and came out extremely well."

The story of Prometheus centers on a group of scientists stranded on a distant planet, where they discover the answers to humanity's most burning questions. The story draws from the mythological story of Prometheus, the god of fire.

"The central metaphor of Prometheus is about a 'higher being' who challenges the gods, and the gods don't want to give him fire. 'Fire is our first form of technology,' Scott says, and so by taking fire, the higher being is punished 'in perpetuity in a horrible fashion.' Much like the story of the mythological god, Prometheus, who stole fire from Zeus and for his actions was bound to a rock with an eagle eternally devouring his liver."

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