Ridley Scott is the focus of an in-depth new look at his upcoming sci-fi thriller Prometheus, which is included in the May 25th edition of The Hollywood Reporter. Included with the interview are a couple of concept art pieces along with three new photos, and a bevy of information you may not want to know before heading into the theater. Check out the latest images, and then read on for some unearthed details about one of Prometheus' scariest creatures.

<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Photo #1

<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Photo #2

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<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Photo #3

<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Photo #4

<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Photo #5

<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Photo #6

<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Photo #7

<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Photo #8

<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Photo #9

In this expose, it is revealed that the creature at the heart of Prometheus can morph into at least four different forms as it grows and changes. Noomi Rapace calls the monster, "every woman's worst nightmare."

To read the detailed account: CLICK HERE

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