With Prometheus's R rating comes the chance to have tie-in products aimed at adults. If you're planning to see the movie at the Drive-In, why not grab an icy cold Silver Bullet Pint? It'll be opening all summer along! A new TV spot has been released that marries outer space agony with the great taste of light beer. Watch as Prometheus and Coors Light come together in a perfect union of blood curdling screams and thirst-quenching yellow bubbles. We also have a new photo of Idris Elba on loan from Blackfilm. Is that Coors Light I smell in his Coffee Mug?

<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Coors #1
<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Coors #2
<strong><em>Prometheus</em></strong> Blackfilm Photo #1
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange