Director Ridley Scott is pulling out all the stops in promoting his sci-fi thriller Prometheus at WonderCon 2012. We got the /prometheus-imax-trailer-gives-first-full-look-at-space-jockey/IMAX trailer earlier today, with a full-length trailer waiting to launch at any minute. A second viral site has also been launched today called Project Prometheus. To check it out: CLICK HERE

You'll notice that it is relatively quite at this site. But that should change without a moment's notice, with the contents of this viral hub revolving around Weyland Corp.'s latest invention: Android David 8 (played by Michael Fassbender in the movie).

WonderCon attendees were given a special card to access the first viral video from this latest campaign. That video has been tracked down, and offers a look at the unboxing of Michael Fassbender's lifelike humanoid David 8. Watch the video here!

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android unboxing: David 8
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange