20th Century Fox has announced that the Ridley Scott project Prometheus has shifted from a March 9, 2012 release date to June 8, 2012.

We reported a few weeks ago that the project, which was originally set to become a prequel to the 1979 classic Alien, had changed its title to Prometheus and set a March 9, 2012 release date. Just a week later, we reported that Disney moved John Carter of Mars from its June 8, 2012 release to March 9, 2012, putting it in direct competition with Prometheus and leaving the June 8, 2012 slot open, until today. Fox's Prometheus is currently the only movie slated for release on June 8, 2012.

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Ridley Scott will direct Prometheus from a script he is co-writing with Damon Lindelof. Jon Spaihts wrote the first draft of the script.

That initial report from two weeks ago also confirmed that Noomi Rapace is starring in Prometheus as Elizabeth Shaw. No other cast members have been announced yet, although Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron are said to be circling the role of Vickers.