Director Ridley Scott would love it if you walked into his upcoming sci-fi thriller cold. Most of the actors have played nice, refusing to reveal too much about the plot. Yet, as its June release date approaches, more and more story details can't help but leak out.

The first trailer for Prometheus reveals that its more than subtly tied to Ridley Scott's 1979 classic Alien. The notorious Space Jockeys first hinted at in the opening of that original film play a key role here. And now we know what that role is, as one of the secondary actors has let some new story details slip about these mysterious beings.

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If you want to stay fresh and clean, stop reading now. Because: Major Spoilers lie ahead!

Game of Thrones actress Kate Dickie has revealed that she plays Mudow, a crew member of the spaceship Prometheus responsible for awakening the others out of their cryogenic sleep at the beginning of the movie, a scene pulled directly from both Alien and Aliens.

Soon after the crew is awakened, they "meet a terrifying host of vicious, skeletal alien monstrosities which chase the crew through the halls of their spaceship." Kate Dickie apparently only makes it through 28 minutes of the film before being "eaten" by one of these monsters, presumed to be the Space Jockeys.

Mudow is set to serve as a fitness trainer, who gets the Prometheus crew in shape after so many months of cryo-sleep. "With their muscles wasted from five years without use, she helps them to get fit - only for them to fall victims to horrible creatures that begin stalking them for food."

So if Kate Dickie is telling the truth, the Space Jockeys are vicious monsters that eat people. And there you have the gist of the movie.