Two weeks ago we reported that Ridley Scott's Alien prequel is now known as Prometheus, which lead many to believe it will take place in a different setting than the original 1979 classic. It turns out that several aspects from Alien will be present in Prometheus. Take a look at what an insider had to say about the Prometheus project below:

"They've built the 'space jockey' cockpit at Pinewood as seen in the original Alien film, so it definitely takes place in the same world as Alien. Despite that press release that seemed to indicate there were no aliens in the movie, the familiar H.R. Giger-style aliens do appear. Big ones apparently."
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We reported last month that H.R. Giger was returning to the project, which at the time was still dubbed as an Alien prequel. H.R. Giger won an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects for designing the creatures of Alien.

It is also said that the DNA of the xenomorphs will be a key factor in the Prometheus plot line:

"Part of the film will be shot in Morocco. I've heard that some sort of archaeological dig where they discover alien DNA takes place there and that DNA gives them the coordinates for an alien world. I've also heard Morocco is being used for alien planet landscapes so I'm not sure if it's an archaeological dig on another planet."

The story from a few weeks ago featured a quote from director Ridley Scott, who said that, "The keen fan will recognize strands of Alien's DNA." Apparently, he didn't mean that in a metaphorical sense since there will be actual Alien DNA reportedly featured in Prometheus.