Fan Fiction has turned into rumor fodder for the movie masses, and while its sometimes fun, it's hardly ever accurate. The thing you must realize now, at this stage in the game, is that directors like Christopher Nolan, with his upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, and now Ridley Scott with his Alien spin-off Prometheus, are employing a team of folks to make up and spread false stories about their highly anticipated projects to get prying eyes away from what they are actually doing. They then feed these faulty claims to various outlets, and before the day is out, the news is everywhere.

Its an interesting process to watch unfold, and its making certain fans and readers very anxious and agitated. How do you sort the fake from the real? Well, that's the point they're trying to make. And for the most part, it is working. Its a game, and some find it fun. It gets people talking, and it allows for some of these upcoming big summer tentpole movies to retain their secrets.

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Today, we've been given another potential spoiler for Prometheus, but it is tacked with the knowledge that dubious "insiders" within Ridley Scott's camp could be feeding this to you, the fan, to keep you dumb and hot. Why do we report this then? Because this purported, potential third act for Prometheus sounds pretty cool.

This is what has come from one of Ridley Scott's insiders. Its an email, and beware, it is full of spoilers. Is this truth or fan fiction? You decide.

"Be aware, there is a campaign of disinformation that is going to be used about this upcoming movie, I do not know that if inadvertently I am being used, however, the manner in which the conversation came about, I seriously doubt it.

Ridley Scott's sci-fi movie, currently going by the name Prometheus, is going to be a very large and intense story, with a scope that is epic, the final act is where the movie switches gears and shifts into Aliens territory. Pinewood houses an exact replica of the H R Giger Space Jockey command post. You may notice in the original Alien that the Space Jockey had a puncture on its considerably large chest, where the xenomorph broke out through the flesh of the creature and broke through the biomechanical armor it wears. You may also notice how big the Space Jockey is in relation to its human counter parts in the film. So imagine how big the baby must be, which is yet to grow. Then imagine quite a few of these. If you can do that, you got a pretty good grasp on the final act. And do not be expecting the traditional look either, these are very different creatures that will keep the general architecture of the xenomorph, but will have a considerably different look, and do very perverse things.

However, before all of this I hear that the story is not only reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey, but is also trying to push the boundaries of what a modern tent pole science fiction movie could be. This is all I can share, but trust me, you seriously need to start being excited about this project, because not only is this I am assured, not nostalgia for nostalgia reasons, but a whole new spin on that old chestnut.

The story is a very closely guarded secret in Hollywood, and while it is not a direct prequel "officially" it has more than just passing ties towards the Alien saga's canon. You will have all the things that worked in the Alien canon, and very new and fresh and some controversial ideas presented, sexuality is dealt with quite directly. There may even be a robot or two. And the ship, which I am told is the current titles name, Prometheus. Highly original, both in concept and design I hear."