Last month, director Ridley Scott confirmed that his long-awaited sequel, Prometheus 2, will be his next movie, which he will start working on after he finishes promoting The Martian. Production is scheduled to begin in January 2016, with Noomi Rapace (Elizabeth Shaw) and Michael Fassbender (David) slated to reprise their roles from Prometheus. Aside from those details, there isn't much else we know about the sequel. But, while promoting The Martian at the Toronto International Film Festival, Ridley Scott offered some interesting details in an interview with Collider. Here's what the filmmaker had to say about the sequel, revealing the plot will answer questions about The Engineers

"It starts off with a very grand idea-or a grand question, really. Who are they and why did they create such evil biology and bacteriology? And [in creating], to protect themselves from what? So the questions are answered there, or rather, beginning to be answered in Prometheus 2."

The original Prometheus followed Elizabeth Shaw and her team as she embarked on a mission to a distant moon, in hopes of finding answers about why humanity was created. After their mission failed, only Elizabeth and the android David remained, as they set off to continue their quest. But it isn't known if there will be a large jump in time between the original and this sci-fi sequel, or if it will take place directly after Prometheus ends. Ridley Scott has also said in the past that Prometheus 2 won't feature any of the classic Xenomorph creatures.

Unfortunately, the director didn't divulge what new characters may be included in this sequel, but if production does start in January, hopefully we'll hear more about casting very soon. Shaw and David were the only survivors of the first mission, so don't expect any other Prometheus stars to return. The director did tease last year that his sequel will feature a brand new alien, although little is known about that creature.

20th Century Fox announced earlier this year that it is developing Alien 5, which has Neill Blomkamp set to direct, with Ridley Scott producing. The concept artwork released by Neill Blomkamp featured characters such as Sigourney Weaver's Ripley and Michael Biehn's Corporal Hicks. While it is believed that these characters will be featured in the sequel, no actors have been confirmed yet. The studio is reportedly targeting Alien 5 for a 2017 release, so it's possible that fans could see both Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 in 2017, since a 2016 release seems unlikely, given the production schedule. What do you think about these new details?