The real estate boom may be cooling-but the flipping trend is still red-hot! TLC's hit series Property Ladder and Flip That House each return for a third season beginning Saturday, July 14 at 8 PM ET/PT. Airing in TLC's block of property-themed programming, each series follows the journeys of flippers looking to cash in on the real estate gold mine.

In Property Ladder, expert real estate developer Kirsten Kemp guides first-timers through the ins and outs of flipping. A veteran of over 60 flips, Kirsten knows what it takes to attract a buyer and to garner a premium price. Each episode begins as Kirsten meets the flippers to understand their vision for the home, and goes over the budget and timeline they established for the flip. After surveying the property, Kirsten makes her recommendations on how to enhance the property to maximize the potential for profit. Then, Kirsten offers her final words of wisdom and leaves the flippers to their own devices. Property Ladder captures all the action, from the construction zone to the appraisal to the first open house -- see what happens when they listen to Kirsten, and when they don't! Depending on the buyers, this get-rich-quick scheme could quickly turn from a sound investment into risky business. Will these flippers have what it takes to climb the next rung of the Property Ladder?

Flip That House follows the transformation of properties by people who are familiar with home renovation and real estate. Beginning just after the initial purchase of a home, the new owners outline the price of the house and reveal their plans for giving it the necessary "facelift" to resell at a profit. TLC cameras follow the actual step-by-step renovation and cosmetic work leading up to the reveal of the before/after transformation. At the end of each episode, the results of the house-flipping exercise are revealed, along with a local real estate agents' suggested new sales price for the "flipped" property.

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