Shout! Studios has given us an exclusive look at their new movie Proximity. The project marks the feature directorial debut of VFX artist / filmmaker Eric Demeusy. Considering that Demeusy comes from a VFX background should come as no surprise after looking at the promotional material for the movie that has been released thus far. It all looks incredible. Shout! Factory is preparing to launch Proximity on VOD starting May 15th with a Blu-ray release set for July 7th.

In Proximity, Isaac is a young scientist working for NASA, who deals with the difficulties of everyday life when he unexpectedly receives a mysterious signal from space through one of the satellites at work. Coincidentally, a few days later a meteor crashes in Los Angeles and Isaac captures it on his camera. When he sets out to investigate the crash site, his entire world turns upside down - he is abducted by extraterrestrials. He wakes up three days later on a ridge over the southern California coast with no recollection of what happened after the event. He finds his camera next to him and realizes he captured the whole thing on tape. He The only problem now is that no one believes him.

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Our exclusive Shout! Factory clip from Proximity features Isaac, and citizens of Los Angeles as they see the meteor crashing down to Earth. Isaac is able to capture it all on camera, but we're left with a mysterious feeling, not knowing what will happen next. The CGI meteor looks like something that was captured from real-life news footage and Isaac is left to go investigate what he just witnessed.

Proximity director Eric Demeusy was drawn to the science fiction ideas in the movie. He admits that he wasn't really wanting to focus on the abduction elements of the story and says he wanted the attention to be placed on what that kind of impression that experience would have on a person. Demeusy had this to say about the science fiction elements in Proximity.

"I've always been fascinated by science and science fiction. It's the genre that really lets you ask the big questions and allows you to explore big themes. The story originated from a simple image of a man documenting himself while a meteor is falling from the sky. I wanted the story to be grounded, something contained, but with a supernatural twist, so the main character encounters aliens."

Proximity stars Ryan Masson, Highdee Kuan, Christian Prentice, Shaw Jones, and Don Scribner. In addition to directing the movie, Eric Demeusy also wrote the screenplay, which is based on a story he wrote with Jason Mitcheltree. The project is produced by Eric Demeusy, Andrea Dondanville, and Kyle McIntyre. While this may be Demeusy's first feature-length movie behind the camera, it will certainly not be the last due to all of the positive attention the movie has been getting. You can check out the exclusive clip from Proximity above ahead of the May 15th VOD date.

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