With all the delays in Blu-ray and HD-DVD content and players, is it any surprise that a major studio like Sony would be behind in making it's films available online?

In a recent article from Variety, they talk about how the company was supposed to have "movie downloads via its online musicstore, Connect, by March." While the company made digital titles available on PCs and their PSP player, but they have offered no content via their internet portal.

Now there is talk that offering films online won't happen for them until the fall.

It is believed that the delay of Sony's much anticipated PlayStation 3 might be the cause for this. There is talk that the company wants to give consumers "the ability to play content on TVs instead of just PCs."

Some think that Sony "has missed the chance to be among in the first wave of digital movie e-tailers." In their favor is the fact that movie downloads appear to still be in their infant stages allowing for them "to catch up."