It's movies might be ailing but makers of accessories for the PSP aren't slowing down in their creation of extras for the device.

In a recent story from Home Media Retailing, they are reporting that two accessory manufacturers are making it possible to connect the player to a TV.

This move will allow UMD and PSP games to obviously be played on a bigger viewing screen.

Currently available are "Nyko Technology's Play on TV Adaptor ($80) and Digital Innovations' GameDR ScreenMax Video Transmission System ($70)." Both of these accessories bring the PSP picture to a TV screen. Nyko's through RCA cables and Digital Innovations through a "digitized picture."

Also, companies like Datel offer a 4 gigabyte harddrive for the system, while Griffin Technology allows the PSP to be turned into a radio via their iFM connector.

It is apparent that Sony is positioning this device as an alternative to the iPod in the ongoing war for the "wireless entertainment" title. This is interesting, simply because the PSP was on the market much sooner.