What do you get when you mix Mike Tyson with some of the craziest dudes on planet earth? You get a new comedy called Public Disturbance, which looks like a wild and insane good time. We've got the trailer and poster for this fine bit of dubachry.

Public Disturbance is now available on digital and on demand, so you better get mom's cash card out and dial up a viewing quick. Summer's almost over, and this might be your last chance to party like a rockstar. The comedy features Australian Youtube sensations the Janoskians, with Beau Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie, Luke Brooks, Jai Brooks, Amber Stevens West, Skyler Samuels headlining this raucous gig.

Joining them are boxing legend and all around weirdo Mike Tyson, a dude who once bit a guy's ear off in the ring. And Bobby Lee, a true hooligan of the stand-up comedy world who's always down for some crazy shenanigans. And this movie has shenanigans aplenty. It was directed by Danny Lee, best known for his films 30 to 30 and Road to Brooklyn.

Yes, there were writers on this movie, too. It's not just a bunch of pranks and gaga stapled together by the Janoskians. There's a real story to be told here, as flimsy as it may seem. And it took three bros to bring it to the big screen. Behind the script are Dan Ahdoot, Tommy Honton, and Dan DeLeon.

In Public Disturbance, the Australian-based YouTube comedy group, the Janoskians, are invited to perform a stunt at a star-studded birthday bash for Alison, the daughter of a famous media mogul (Mike Tyson). When their act gets cancelled at the last minute, the pranksters plan the ultimate heist to hijack the dull party and create the largest public disturbance of their lives.

The Janoskians stands for Just another name of silly kids in another nation. They broke out on YouTube, hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The group consists of elder brother Beau Brooks, twins Luke and Jai Brooks, and friend Daniel Sahyounie. The Janoskians have avid fans known as 'Janoskianators'. Their past videos include performing gross out humor and non-consensual pranks on members of the public as well as each other, mockumentaries, dares and skits. They first arrived on the scene back in 2011. And they have since embarked on quite a few global tours.

Now they bring their antics to the world of cinema. This thing isn't premiering at the local theater, but that's okay. It looks more suited to the small screen and streaming, where it can be devoured, rewound and played over and over again. At least until that VOD rental expires. You can take a look at these jousters in the trailer from Lionsgate Unlocked

<strong><em>Public Disturbance</em></strong> poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange