The Wolf's clean up house, famously used in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction after Marvin is shot in the face, is up for sale. Quentin Tarantino made a name for himself with Reservoir Dogs, but 1994's Pulp Fiction really put him on the map and turned him into the powerful and unique Hollywood figure we know today. Now, the house owned by his character Jimmie, which was used in one of the movie's most famous sequences is on the market in the Los Angeles, California area. If you have roughly $1.4 million to spare, you can possibly own a piece of cinema history. And one that you can live in, at that.

Jimmie's house is located in Studio City and is listed for $1.395 million. The Pulp Fiction house has been upgraded a bit since 1994, but it's said that the kitchen, which is where a key conversation in the movie between Samuel L. Jackson's Jules speaks with Quentin Tarantino's Jimmie, has many of the same features that it did when the movie was filmed. Though, the house is being marketed as a "development opportunity" or "possible fixer-upper." Or, if you're just a huge Pulp Fiction fan, you could live in the house where The Wolf had to bail out Jules and John Travolta's Vincent after her accidentally shot Marvin in the face.

Owning a piece of cinema history can be an expensive endeavor and, in the case of this 1700-square-foot slice of Pulp Fiction, that's certainly true. However, the housing market in the Los Angeles area is notoriously expensive anyway and, though $1.395 million is a lot of money no matter how you slice it, at least this is a house and you can live in it. The house is said to be spacious, well-maintained, with vintage-looking features and is located in a good school district. So, even though the Pulp Fiction connection adds a lot of appeal, this is actually a practical house to live in. It's not like purchasing a terribly expensive movie prop you can't actually do anything with or a movie car that isn't road legal. Got to live somewhere, right?

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Pulp Fiction, nearly 24 years later, is still considered by many to be Quentin Tarantino's best movie to date. The movie as a massive hit for an indie, bringing in $214 million at the box office and going on to earn seven Academy Award nominations, ultimately winning for Best Original Screenplay. The movie had a major effect on the independent filmmaking community, given its success and profitability. The Library of Congress selected Pulp Fiction for preservation in the National Film Registry in 2013.

While most Pulp Fiction fans probably don't have the money to afford the house, it's cool to know that it still stands and is largely the house that was used in the movie. Maybe the person who buys it will set up some sort of house tour and sell tickets? That would certainly be one way to help with the cost. This news comes to us courtesy of Curbed Los Angeles.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott