Hey everybody! As our plan to take over the world continues, the kind, corruptible future dictators of Light's Out will keep on throwing more and more entertainment your way. Not only will we continue to be sending you the best of the best of industry news, Hollywood trailers and javascript:void(0|bald movie critics, but we're gonna give you cool movies until you explode! In the coming weeks Brian's gonna be putting up Takeback, followed by javascript:void(0|Death's End 2, Takeback 2, Death's End 3, 4 ,5, 6, 7, 8 etc! Watch out world- we have franchises! {@IMG:T7NDxZTYEg5cXZzSmWEkiLwm46awsY|Movie [email protected]}One of the industries most celebrated filmmakers (and the man responsible for the re-release of Iron Monkey- in theaters now), Quentin Tarantino, is on his way back to the limelight with a series of cinematic attacks. Right as his 10th anniversary Reservoir Dogs DVD is released in January 2002, he will begin pre-production on his new revenge-comedy Kill Bill. Upon finishing Kill Bill he'll start on his World War II epic Glorious Bastards. Once done with that, he's off to start the Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs prequel (according to Mr. Showbiz) The Vega Brothers, starring Pulp's Vincent Vega (Travolta) and Reservoir Dog's Vic Vega/Mr. Blonde (Mike Madesen) as they go do their messed up hit man thing around Las Vegas.Dark Horizon provides! Not only did they plug Death's End, but they notified us (and now you) of the site to the sketchy sequel American Psycho 2. While the first American Psycho didn't end, the credits just kinda started rolling. The sequel is said to involve a young lady (Mila Kunis of "That 70's Show") copycatting the acts of the now dead Patrick Bateman using sex as her bait (can we say poison Ivy 4?). Either way, the sites worth a look if just for the catchy jazz riff that keeps looping through the page.

Ever wish you could have movie-themed prophylactics?! Get your groove on and be nostalgically trendy at the same time with American Pie 2 condoms! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal and Lifestyle condoms are in cahoots to put out American Pie sponsored condoms (I guess the Happy Meals didn't pan out). The bad news: Because the MPAA banned a couple of Pie-themed TV spots for these (as I call them) "diseased-baby-deterrents," a breach of contract between Lifestyle paying Universal for the ads occurred, creating a sort of legal backlash. Now the studio is considering backing out of the whole deal, letting down hordes of angry fans who wanted Stifler on their..yah.

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