We still have exactly five months to go until The Amazing Spider-Man 2 debuts in theaters, which means we can expect many more posts from the sequel's Daily Bugle viral website. Today, City Bureau reporter Ned Leeds has a story about the New York City public schools system receiving a donation from casino owner Thomas Fireheart, to repair Midtown Science High in the wake of Lizard's attack in The Amazing Spider-Man. In the Marvel comic books, Thomas Fireheart is also known as the villain Puma. Take a look at the full story, which also features quotes from Flash Thompson, played by Chris Zylka, and reveals the sequel will take place three months after The Amazing Spider-Man.

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January 2, 2014

By Ned Leeds, City Bureau

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Smash the tail of a lizard, it grows back new. Smash a school with the tail of a lizard, it stays smashed. Until now, that is.

An endowment to the New York City public schools system from Fireheart Industries will help pay for the repairs to the damage suffered by Midtown Science High as a result of Dr. Curt Connors' rampage three months ago.

Casino owner and businessman, Thomas Fireheart, presented the donation to the city school's chancellor in an afternoon ceremony at the school. The gift of two million dollars will cover the entire estimated cost for repairs.

Attending the event, senior student and co-captain of the school's football and basketball varsity teams, Eugene "Flash" Thompson said, "This place was a freaking mess after the Lizard smashed it up. But it would've been a lot worse if it wasn't for Spider-Man."

In the Marvel comic books, Thomas Fireheart was part of a Native American initiative to breed the perfect human being. He can transform into the cat-like character, giving him superhuman strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, balance and endurance, just like the animal he is named after. Puma was originally an enemy of Spider-Man in the comics, although he grew to respect him and became his ally at one point.

Of course, Thomas Fireheart hasn't been confirmed to be a part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, although it's possible this viral site could be setting up his appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 or The Amazing Spider-Man 4.