Marvel Studios has regained control of The Punisher and Jessica Jones rights from Netflix. The two massively popular Marvel shows were joined by Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. However, the streaming giant announced in 2019 that all of the shows were being canceled, which was ahead of the big Disney+ rollout in late 2019 (the three previous shows were canceled in late 2018). Marvel and Netflix started their relationship in 2013 with the announcement of the aforementioned shows and The Defenders limited series.

Marvel fans were shocked to see The Punisher and Jessica Jones get canceled, along with the rest of the shows. However, there was always hope that Marvel Studios would regain the rights and introduce the characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The rights to all of the shows, including Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, were kept with Netflix for two years after cancelation, which means that all five of the shows are back under the Marvel Studios banner. As to what that means going forward, that is unclear at the moment.

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Daredevil star Charlie Cox is reportedly in Spider-Man 3, though that has not been officially confirmed. Even so, it's unknown as to what his part would be in the movie, or even if it's a direct connection to the Netflix series. Jon Bernthal has previously expressed interest in returning for more of The Punisher, but admits that he is not a part of the decision making process at Marvel Studios. For now, fans will have to sit back and see if any of the shows end up being incorporated into the current MCU.

There have been a lot of rumors over the past few years about Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher stories continuing on at Disney+ and even possibly the big screen. As for Iron Fist and Luke Cage, there have been rumors that the characters could be recast and rebooted, though, like everything else having to do with the former Netflix properties, nothing has been officially addressed. Earlier this year, Kevin Feige was asked about the shows and characters making a return. "Everything is on the board," Feige told the Hollywood Reporter. "That's one of the fun things about the comics is that characters would appear and disappear and come and go. All of it is inspiration for the future. There are some great characters and actors from those shows."

As for how all of these shows could be incorporated, that may all depend on WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. "That's the biggest clue of where the Multiverse of Madness is taking us and how we're exploring that," said Kevin Feige last month. Anything is possible at this moment in time, especially after all of the speculation surrounding Spider-Man 3, so we should have some answers in the coming months. Comic Book was the first outlet to report on The Punisher and Jessica Jones rights being back at Marvel Studios.