Yesterday, it was widely reported that /punisher-movie-reboot-cast-tom-hardy/Tom Hardy wants to play The Punisher for Marvel. While Disney has made no official announcements regarding a new Punisher project, many believe it could become the next new Marvel Netflix series. And nearly every fan of the character responded well to Tom Hardy's wishes. Today, we get a new piece of fan art, which imagines what the actor would look like as Frank Castle.

This latest piece of fan art is from Boss Logic, who is making a name for himself with his unique and exciting renditions of various actors and their superhero personas. Yesterday, he shared a similar piece of concept art featuring /suicide-squad-fan-art-harley-quinn-margot-robbie/Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, which seemed to be quite popular with fans of the DC Comics character. Though, some are still not ready to embrace director David Ayer's take on the property. Maybe a first trailer will change minds?

As far as Marvel's The Punisher goes, there have already been three different movies, none of which have had the same actor twice. Thomas Jane starred in 2004's The Punisher, while Punisher: War Zone featured actor Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle. And before Marvel become the reigning king of cinema it is today, Dolph Lundgren was the first to play Frank Castle in 1989's The Punisher, which a lot of fans still regard as the best adaptation. Maybe if Tom Hardy takes the lead, he can finally kick off the big screen franchise this comic book title deserves. Take a look at this latest art, and let us know: Does the former Bane have what it takes to walk in Frank Castle's combat boots?

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange