Actor Thomas Jane has been making the publicity rounds lately to promote his new film Vice, which opened last weekend. For many fans, he will always be best known as Frank Castle in the 2004 comic book adaptation The Punisher and the 2012 short film The Punsher: Dirty Laundry. You may recall that, back in May 2013, Marvel reacquired the rights to The Punisher, although the studio has yet to announce any movie or TV plans for this iconic character yet. Though, there have been plenty of rumors that The Punisher will return in the Netflix series Marvel's Daredevil, or possible his own show. During an interview with I Am Rogue, Thomas Jane was asked if he'd consider playing Frank Castle once again. The actor reveals that he's "done" with playing this beloved character:

"I feel like I've done it. That's why I did the short film. I wanted to create something that was truer to my own vision of what that movie could be. I feel like I put that out there. It was really well received. I hope that The Punisher will continue. I hope they get an idea of what it can be and how to make it successful. I hope that they use that short film as a template for how to make it truer to what that character is. I feel like I've done it even though it was a short film. I said what I wanted to say with that guy. I don't think I ever really was the perfect Frank Castle. I look at him as Italian. A guy who, I guess I'm the right age now, but I would see him as a weathered guy. My body is not quite perfect for Frank. I would see Frank as more of a square jawed, lock-jawed kind of guy. I don't know who it would be. I think you'd need an unknown to play Frank. He's really the ideal asshole!"

Before you react to that statement, the actor also held a Reddit AMA session just one day after this interview was published, where he seemed to be a bit more optimistic about returning as The Punisher.

"...With the right story - I'd do it again. Yeah."

Just before Marvel got back The Punisher rights, the studio also reacquired the rights to Daredevil, which they used to create the new Netflix TV series Marvel's Daredevil. Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already planned out for many, many years, some think it's possible that the studio is bringing The Punisher back as another Netflix TV series. Coincidentally, Marvel's Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight revealed on his Twitter account in November that The Punisher is the one comic book show he'd like to make, other than Marvel's Daredevil. What do you think about all these revelations? Would you like to see Thomas Jane come back as The Punisher? Chime in with your thoughts, and take a look at Steven S. DeKnight's tweet below.

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