For the first time in 46 years, fans will not hear the famous catchphrase, "Bond, James Bond." According to The Independent, Quantum of Solace might have martinis, but they won't be "shaken not stirred".

Mark Forster explains, "There was a 'Bond, James Bond' in the script. There are several places where we shot it as well, but it never worked as we hoped. I just felt we should cut it out, and Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson (the film's producers) agreed, and Daniel (Craig, who plays Bond) agreed, too. It's nice to be open-minded about the Bond formula. You can always go back to them later on."

Graham Rye, who manages the online 007 Magazine said that Craig, who made his debut in last year's Casino Royale, is much closer to Fleming's vision.

"The Bond films had become tired and needed reinvigorating," he said. "Rather than going away from Fleming I think the producers have gone back to him."

You can judge for yourself when Quantum of Solace hits theaters November 14.