Perhaps Bond will have to settle for a rain check, literally and figuratively. According to Reuters, the upcoming James Bond film Quantum of Solace has cancelled plans to shoot near the Incan ruins at Maccu Picchu in Peru. The shoot was cancelled due to the uncertainty of bad weather.

"They decided not to come because of climatic conditions. They couldn't be sure it wouldn't rain and they have very tight time," said Margarita Morales, director of Iguana Productions, a Peruvian company hired to assist with filming.

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That site is the top tourist spot in the country. They were set to film in the city of Cuzco, which lies in southeast Peru near the ruins. Last month, the city had been plagued with protesters who are against government plans to build closer to historic landmarks. However, Morales said the decision was solely tied to the weather.

"They told me the reasons were strictly because of the weather," she said.

It is unclear how this has affected the production schedule at all. Quantum of Solace is still set to hit theaters on November 7.