Queen Latifah is in negotiations to join Diane Keaton in the cast of Mad Money, a remake of the British comedy Hot Money , according to Production Weekly.

The film is described as a low-tech, female version of Ocean's Eleven. The British telepic was based on the true story of three cleaners who were determined to get more money from the British Treasury than their night shift afforded them, but the new version will be transported to contemporary America.

Callie Khouri, who won an Academy Award for the screenplay of Thelma & Louise, is directing the feature and is completing a polish of the original script.

It is narrated through the eyes of Keaton's character Bridget, who's used to the finer things but suddenly finds herself forced back into the work force after her husband's losses his job. With the prospect of losing her house and drowning in debt, she gets a job on the night cleaning crew at a Federal Reserve bank and figures out a creative way to get money, and lots of it. Latifah plays Liz, one of the other janitors on the crew.

Production is scheduled to begin late March in Shreveport, Louisiana.