Scary Movie 3: Tonight's episode of ET talked about the upcoming spoof flick Scary Movie 3:

After her success in 'Chicago' and 'Bringing Down the House,' cold cash was not a motivation for Queen Latifah to sign on to play the hot LaQuisha in 'Scary Movie 3,' scheduled to hit theaters Oct. 3, but fashion was!

"If you are not going to be in 'The Matrix,' spoof the hell out of it," the Academy Award nominee says. "Why not? I still get the Neo coat, and that is what it is all about for me. That is the only reason I am doing this. It is not for the money; it is not for the accolades. It is just for the priest coat."

In the spoof, LaQuisha tries to teach The One (Cindy Campbell played by Faris) how to fight, but Cindy hasn't accepted yet that she is The One, so she doesn't realize all the things she can do. LaQuisha uses her cheating husband Orpheus (Griffin) as a teaching tool.

"Eddie's just so freakin' funny and quick," Latifah comments. "He will come up with something to add to [a scene] that makes it even funnier. Getting to play with him is fun, and Anna makes me want to laugh all the time. She is such a funny person in real life that sometimes she runs in with these lines, and I am like, 'Hold it, hold it, hold it!' Then I get to laugh."

And what does Latifah think the stars of the real 'Matrix' will think of the parody?

"I know JADA PINKETT SMITH is probably going to laugh at it and take the kids to go see it," she says. "LAURENCE FISHBURNE would laugh at it, too. KEANU I've met but I don't know him well enough to say if he would laugh, but if he would do 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey,' I would think he had a sense of humor."

Thanks to ET for the scoop!