Inspired by a true story, Nikki Blonsky (of Hairspray fame) stars as Maggie, an overweight high school senior who is constantly bullied and made fun of by her peers. When some of the popular - and skinny - girls put her name on the ballot for homecoming queen, hoping to embarrass her even more, Maggie decides to take their challenge. She doesn't drop out of the race. Instead she forges on. But she has a tough battle in front of her.

The election is riddled with sabotage as the one group of cool kids does everything to disrupt her campaign. Her two closest friends stick by her and with their help she stays in the race, hoping to be the candidate of those who never chose to be "different," but because of the way things are in high school, nevertheless find themselves as outcasts.

We all lived through it. High school is brutal, but for Maggie even more so because of her weight. Finding solace in ice cream, cookies, and pizza, she discovers that she is her own worst enemy. She is the one who must change the way she thinks about herself. She is the one who can change herself, and as she learns this valuable lesson she realizes that each of us is responsible for ourselves.

The show is not about being fat or skinny, popular or a geek. It is about understanding that just because someone is different from you doesn't make them any less of a person. It's a great lesson for everyone - especially those who are in high school now and see the clicks on a daily basis. But knowing that we are all in this together is important, and something that Maggie ends up teaching her fellow classmates.

Queen Sized premiers January 12 at 9 PM ET/PT on Lifetime.