In his long and storied career that has already spanned three decades, Quentin Tarantino has directed 7 original movies and one novel adaptation. He's created a number of iconic, quotable characters. And any true fan would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Usually artists never cite their own personal preferences, stating loudly that each one is like a child. Impossible to choose which one gets top billing. But not Quentin. While answering questions about his past movies, he didn't hesitate to declare a favorite character. Though, his answer might not surprise you too much. He says this.

"[Hans] Landa is the best character I've ever written and maybe the best I ever will write. I didn't realize [when I was first writing him] that he was a linguistic genius. He's probably one of the only Nazis in history who could speak perfect Yiddish."
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Colonel Hans Landa is the main bad guy in 2009's Inglourious Basterds. He is portrayed by German-Austrian actor Christoph Waltz, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, and the Best Actor Award at Cannes Film Festival. Standartenführer (SS Colonel) Hans Landa is an Austrian SS officer assigned to the Sicherheitsdienst. He is nicknamed The Jew Hunter in reference to his keen ability to locate Jews hiding throughout Occupied France.

In the recent past, Tarantino has declared he will retire from feature film making after 10 movies. As we've seen with director Steven Soderbergh, directors don't always stick close by what they declare in terms of early retirement. Nor do we actually know when Quentin may turn in his 10th and final film, or what his next film will even be. He's 8th film, the ensemble Western Mystery The Hateful Eight, was in theaters this past Christmas. The director recently attended Jerusalem Film Festival, where he revealed that, while he still plans to retire after his upcoming 10th film, he could step out of retirement at the age of 75 with one more story to tell. He explains this courtesy of Screen Daily.

"I am planning to stop at 10 [films], but at 75 I might decide I have another story to do."

It could be years before we get the 9th Quentin Tarantino movie. His longest stretch between movies was 6 years between Jackie Brown and Kill Bill Vol. 1. The filmmaker hasn't revealed the title of his 9th film yet, but he has stated that once number 10 is completed, he will become a full time author, turning in film criticism books and narrative novels. Tarantino doesn't seem to be in any hurry to disclose his next project, but we're sure we'll know as soon as he finishes his next script.