Yesterday, director Quentin Tarantino confirmed at Comic-Con that he is moving forward with his Western The Hateful Eight, but the filmmaker also dropped a hint about another potential project, which would be his first sci-fi film.

During the Q&A session for his Django Unchained/Zorro comic book, a six-issue series slated to debut in November, Quentin Tarantino was asked if he would ever try to make a sci-fi movie, a genre he has never tackled before in his illustrious career. In response, the filmmaker said that he recently came up with an idea for a sci-fi movie, although it isn't clear when he may have time to write it.

"You know - it's funny: if you had asked me that a few years ago I would've said 'I don't know. It's not really my genre. I'm not sure. But you never know.' Now I have an idea. It wouldn't be something I'm doing in the next year or so but it's a little flower right now. A little bean sprout. But those bean sprouts can turn into beanstalks. So this would be the first time I wouldn't say 'No - not really.' This is the first time I would say 'Yeah - maybe.' It wouldn't be a space ship type thing - travelling through space, going to other planets. It would be more of an earth bound sci-fi thing. But sci-fi nonetheless."

The director was also asked about the status of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair, the uncut original version of Kill Bill before it was split into Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2. The four-hour movie originally debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003, before The Weinstein Company asked the filmmaker to cut it into two separate movies. When asked if it would ever be released uncut, Quentin Tarantino had this to say, teasing new details that fans didn't get to see in the two-part movie.

"What's going on with that is originally back when Kill Bill was going to be one movie, I wrote an even longer anime sequence. So you see in the movie [O-Ren] kill her boss but then there was that long hair guy... The big sequence was her fighting that guy. I.G. [The Japanese Anime Studio] who did Ghost in the Shell said we can't do that and finish it in time for your thing. And [plus] you can't have a thirty-minute piece in your movie. I said - 'Ok.' It was my favorite part but it was the part you could drop. So we dropped it and then later when I.G. heard we were talking about doing Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair - they still had the script so without even being commissioned, they just did it and paid for it themselves. It's really terrific. Anyway - The Weinstein Company and myself were talking about actually coming out with it sometime, not before the year is out, but within the next year with limited theatrical engagement as well."

Outside of its Cannes debut in 2003, Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair did screen at the New Beverly Theater in Los Angeles back in 2011, which the filmmaker is part owner of, but now it seems that fans may finally get to see the entire four-hour movie in the near future.