The new Quentin Tarantino Movie doesn't have a studio home as of yet, but it has already launched a bidding war between every major studio, with the sole exception of Disney, along with multiple financiers and "mini-major" studios seeking this project. While this untitled project was previously believed to center on the Charles Manson family murders, it was revealed yesterday that the Manson murders won't be the primary focus of the movie. The movie itself is said to center on the entire year of 1969, although the rumors that Margot Robbie is being eyed to play actress Sharon Tate is seemingly true.

Along with Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate, Quentin Tarantino is reportedly eyeing Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio for the two male lead roles, with this latest report today adding that Tom Cruise has been added into the mix. This report from Deadline also adds that producer David Heyman, best known for producing the Harry Potter movies, has come aboard as the main producer, in what will be his first ever collaboration with Quentin Tarantino. As for the bidding war, Disney is not involved since Quentin Tarantino vowed never to work with Disney ever again, after the studio reportedly strong-armed the famed Arclight Hollywood movie theater into screening Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the iconic Cinerama Dome, where the director wanted to screen his 70MM presentation of The Hateful Eight.

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Among the other suitors, 20th Century Fox is said to be the least aggressive bidders, which is likely due to the potential merger talks with Disney, but Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures are still in the mix, along with Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures and Lionsgate, who are seeking a domestic distribution deal with an international sales effort, similar to The Hateful Eight deal. There are also a number of "pure equity financiers" that are bidding on the movie, and while there is said to be no front runner at this time, the project should find a distributor before the Thanksgiving holiday. This auction is happening because, for the first time in his career, Quentin Tarantino is seeking a new studio home, following the backlash from the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

Miramax, which was later re-named The Weinstein Company, became known as "The House that Quentin Built," since the filmmaker's landmark indie hit Pulp Fiction put both the filmmaker and the studio itself on the map. Last month, more than a week after the allegations first surfaced, Quentin Tarantino responded to the Harvey Weinstein allegations, through a statement released on social media by his longtime friend, actress Amber Tamblyn. The director stated he was "stunned and heartbroken" about the allegations, and it was ultimately confirmed that he is taking this project, currently known as #9, since it is Quentin Tarantino's ninth film, to a different studio for the first time in his storied career.

We first heard about this movie in July, with a report that claimed Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence were being sought for the movie, with another report the next day claiming that Margot Robbie is being sought to play Sharon Tate, with longtime QT collaborator Samuel L. Jackson also being eyed for an unspecified role. Deadline reports that production is being eyed to start in mid-2018 for a 2019 release and, just like all of Quentin Tarantino's other movies, this will be an R-rated release. Insiders who have read the script says it has strong commercial appeal and plenty of heart, with many likening it to Pulp Fiction. It will also have a budget similar to Django Unchained, which was made for $100 million.