Quentin Tarantino is getting ready for his next movie, but it isn't going to center on the Manson Family Murders Movie as previously reported, according to the director. The news comes after it was revealed that Tarantino was looking for financial backing for the project after the collapse of the Weinstein Company due to multiple allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at Harvey Weinstein. The same report also revealed that Quentin Tarantino was actively pursuing Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio for roles in the movie, which if true, will be one heck of a cast.

Quentin Tarantino recently spoke with Indiewire where he revealed that the movie is not about Charles Manson, which comes as a disappointment to some. Instead the director said that the movie is about 1969, which will more than likely focus on Charles Manson for at least a few scenes. 1969 was a tumultuous year for the world and Tarantino's take will no doubt take it over the top. Quentin Tarantino said, "It's not Charles Manson, it's 1969." Not a whole lot to go off of there, but at least it's directly from Tarantino's mouth.

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That was as much as Quentin Tarantino was willing to reveal, but as previously mentioned, it's possible that Manson will be related to the plot, since he was a pretty major piece of 1969. It's possible that the Manson storyline will be just one of several, sort of how Pulp Fiction has interweaving tales, which is something that Tarantino obviously excels at. There's so much material for a movie that may or not be about the year 1969. From President Nixon taking office to the Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, all the way to the Vietnam war, there's plenty to tackle and Manson could be a thread that ties the whole year together.

Indiewire also notes that Quentin Tarantino reportedly finished the script roughly five months ago. It was also revealed that Tarantino held a round of pitch meetings with five potential studios regarding worldwide distribution for the movie last week, which is rumored to include Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate, and returning Tarantino actors Brad Pitt who worked with him on Inglorious Basterds and Leonardo DiCaprio who previously worked with the director on Django Unchained. If all goes according to plan, he will be ready to direct the movie in early 2018.

While not much is clear about Quentin Tarantino's upcoming ninth movie, which will not be produced at The Weinstein Company following allegations against co-founder Harvey Weinstein, it is clear that it will be unique and more than likely divisive, depending on how Tarantino delivers history to his viewers. He may decide to throw the facts out the window and concoct his own version of events, which will be just as good for long-time fans of the director. So while some moviegoers may be disappointed in knowing that the movie isn't solely about the Manson Family murders, it will nevertheless be an entertaining ride. You can check out the rest of what Quentin Tarantino had to say about the movie courtesy of Indiewire.