At a recent Q & A discussion with Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Frank Miller and Greg Nicotero to tout the upcoming release of the Sin City (Recut, Extended,Unrated) DVD, inevitably the subjects of Sin City 2 and the highly anticipated Tarantino/Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse were discussed.

“Yes.” Frank Miller said when asked about new characters and what stage the script for Sin City 2 is currently in.

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“One of the ideas we had was to do A Dame to Kill for Next.” Rodridguez stated. “We also didn’t want people to read the book and know what was going to happen. So Frank is coming up with some new stuff, that will be intertwined in that and some other storylines that he has always wanted to do. So I was like, ‘Lets do it as part of A Dame to Kill For, then if you want to make it a separate book you can always do that. That’s what's been really exciting... he’s only been teasing me about what that is so I don’t even know. But the new things he’s told me are really exciting.”

He went on to say, “As soon as we have it, we can start shooting because it’s on greenscreen. He would have drawings with it and we could start shooting pretty much a few weeks later. As soon as Frank’s done and we’re done with Grindhouse we could go right into it.”

On the subject of more characters Rodriguez said, “This so many actors we want to work with actually, but we were like, ‘We don’t have a part for this actor [Frank] has to create one.’ We can’t reveal anything that takes all the fun out of it.”

“Also, three weeks from now I’ll change my mind and I’ll feel like a complete idiot.” Miller added.

In closing on Sin City 2...

“Is Quentin gonna be involved in the next Sin City?” Rodriguez asked.

“I’m waiting for these guys to invite me.” Tarantino said.

“Over my dead body.” Miller claimed.

“He might have to do two scenes for that one.” Rodriguez laughed.

In talking about Grindhouse, Tarantino and Rodriguez were no less cryptic, yet they did manage to reveal some interesting tidbits about the film.

“I can’t really talk about Grindhouse... but because I’m doing it with Robert, we’re doing everything at Troublemaker [Studios] we’re gonna be doing Grindhouse in digital too; as well.”

“That was one of the things he said after we got finished shooting this Sin City thing,” Rodriguez said. “He goes, ‘Mission accomplished. Now I know why you brought me down here to try it and I can see what you’re saying. I’d love to shoot digital again, but I’m only gonna do it here! I’m not gonna do it somewhere else!’ So that’s how we got him on Grindhouse, because we could just go right into it.”

Sin City (Recut, Extended,Unrated) takes over DVD shelves December 13th, 2005.