The Quentin Tarantino saga continues, as his latest screenplay, a Western tentatively titled The Hateful Eight, has now been published online. It was revealed earlier in the week that the director felt betrayed after giving the script to only six people, one of which leaked it all over Hollywood. The maverick filmmaker then pulled the plug on the project.

Now, what Deadline calls a 'muckraking' website has leaked the screenplay online for all to see. They will not give the name of the website until a lawsuit is in place. And neither will we.

Quentin Tarantino, having canceled his plans to shoot The Hateful Eight sometime in late 2015, was set to publish the screenplay and then possibly return to it in five years time. Because of these plans, which went public, and because the director owns the rights, he can sue the website that leaked the material for damages. And he has a pretty solid case.

The screenplay was said to have gone out to just six people, including Django Unchained executive producer Reginald Hudlin and actors Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern. The leak was suspected to have come from inside the talent agency CAA, which represents Bruce Dern, a claim the agency vehemently denies. Michael Madsen's agents have also issued a denial.

"Kismet Talent Agency is the exclusive talent agency for Michael Madsen. As we never received the Tarantino script in question, we therefore could not possibly be the source of the purported leak."

The director himself claims to know that Tim Roth didn't leak the script.

While the website that leaked the screenplay online isn't being named, they have made it available for download to anyone that wants a copy. The next question is: Will Quentin Tarantino sue?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange