Kill Bill 3: A recent interview with Quentin Tarantino has revealed the director's plans to shoot a 3rd Kill Bill film in 15 years...

Quentin Tarantino said Monday he plans to shoot a third part of the "Kill Bill" vengeance series.

"I have plans, actually not right away, but like in 15 years from now, I'll do a third version of this saga," the director said at a news conference to promote "Kill Bill - Vol. 2," which opens in Spain next month.

Tarantino said part three would focus on the daughter of a hired killer that Uma Thurman's character bumps off early in her revenge spree.

Thurman plays The Bride, who goes after her former lover and boss, Bill, after he kills her fiance on their wedding day and leaves her in a coma.

Tarantino said he set his goals high in shooting the two films.

"'Good' - that wouldn't have been good enough. 'Well done' would have been an insult. I was doing the movie to do some of the greatest action scenes ever made," he said.

Asked whether violence seduces audiences, Tarantino said: "You better believe it. I mean that's one of the reasons why it's so cinematic. It can be very enthralling. I've always said Thomas Edison invented the movie camera to show people killing and kissing."

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