Director Quentin Tarantino has been making headlines recently as he has appeared on numerous talk shows and new outlets. The director has been promoting his latest novel, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, based on the recent film he directed of the same name. In a recent interview with Reelblend, Tarantino discussed fellow director Christopher Nolan and his reaction to Tenet.

"I think I need to see it again," Quentin Tarantino told ReelBlend. "I think I need to see it again."

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Like many people, Tarantino is expressing that he doesn't have a full grasp on the movie. This is a common critique many have towards Tenet. Tenet revolved around new technology that could invert the time of certain objects and people. While this created incredible action sequences, some suggested they needed to watch it again to fully grasp what happened.

However, this should not be interpreted as Tarantino bashing Nolan's latest film. Tarantino has expressed admiration for Nolan's work, including Dunkirk, which Tarantino called his "second favorite film of the 2010's." In a 2020 interview with Indiewire, Tarantino said he had to watch Dunkirk several times before he could fully appreciate it.

"I had an interesting experience with it the first couple of times," Tarantino said about the Christopher Nolan movie watching experience. "The first time I saw it, I don't know what I was thinking the first time. I just dealt with the spectacle of it all. I couldn't deal with anything else but the spectacle of it all."

"I liked the movie, but the spectacle almost numbed me to the experience. I don't think I felt anything emotional. I was awed by it. But I didn't know what I was awed by. ... It wasn't until the third time that I could see past the spectacle and into the people the story is about. I finally could see through the trees a little bit."

He also spoke about how Dunkirk played with time in a non-linear fashion, constantly jumping back and forth between different points in time of the narrative.

"Nolan's Dunkirk screenplay cuts together three narratives that are each happening over different periods of time," Tarantino added. "Oftentimes, you see a film where the style is about the adrenaline of it."

"The style is an immersive experience, but by the third or fourth viewing you get past the style and you realize the magician's tricks. In the case of Dunkirk, it rewards Nolan's efforts to see it more. There's a point, by mid movie, he can't do it's a symphony. Nothing doesn't work."

Nolan has a history of creating films that are known for leaving audiences with questions. Movies like Inception, Interstellar, and The Prestige have become notorious for having complex narratives. Tarantino has directed films that jump around between various points in time of the narrative, like Pulp Fiction. However, Tenet may be Nolan's most complex yet and even Tarantino feels he needs to watch many more times to fully understand what happened. This news comes from CinemaBlend.