Hell Ride: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Following their successful collaboration in Kill Bill-Vol. 2, Quentin Tarantino is set to team again with Larry Bishop, the actor who played the foul-mouthed owner of a strip club in the hit movie.

Tarantino and Bishop will produce Hell Ride, a motorcycle movie that Bishop is writing and will direct and star in. Sources say Tarantino might star in the movie as well.

Michael Madsen, who also starred in "Bill," is attached to star in what is being described as a spaghetti biker film.

The story deals with the characters Pistolero (Bishop), the Gent (Madsen) and Comanche (Tarantino) and the deadly unfinished business between them. As befitting the genre, the budget would be low, and the movie would shoot in August or September.

Bishop starred in several biker movies in the late '60s and early '70s, including "The Savage Seven," "Chrome and Hot Leather" and "Angel Unchained." He also wrote, directed, co-produced and starred in 1996's "Mad Dog Time," whose cast included Diane Lane, Gabriel Byrne and Burt Reynolds.