Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges will head up the R.I.P.D. this Friday, as two undead cops set out to stop a supernatural force from overtaking the world. Universal Pictures has released 12 new images, also featuring co-stars Mary-Louise Parker, James Hong, Marisa Miller and Kevin Bacon. Get a taste of the action before embarking on this sci-fi adventure, in theaters everywhere July 19.

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 1

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 2

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 3

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 4

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 5

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 6

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 7

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 8

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 9

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 10

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 11

<strong><em>R.I.P.D.</em></strong> photo 12

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