It's hard to say which is more surprising - the fact that Rachel McAdams is on the hunt to play a superheroine, or the fact that the one she has in mind is Black Orchid, and obscure character who gained some notice when re-imagined by Neil Gaiman. McAdams spoke to MTV about her wishes, and expressed her enthusiasm for the character.

"I like all the Neil Gaiman stuff. It's great," McAdams said of the British writer whose Sandman changed the face of comics throughout the nineties, and who did a Black Orchid limited series in "I think it's really visually so dynamic and would work really well."

McAdams described the character further "'s a really interesting character," the actress said. "She's a superhero that's a flower. I don't know if that would work or the audiences would be interested in that, but she was kind of cool."

In the comics, Black Orchid is a plant/human hybrid who is able to change her appearance, regenerate and fly.

McAdams has almost been connected to superhero films in the past, having auditioned for Batman Begins, Iron Man and Fantastic Four. But she insists that now is her time.

"I would love to play a female superhero," McAdams exclaimed.